Russian “Angelina Jolie” could lose Olympic medals

Русская «Анджелина Джоли» может лишиться олимпийской медали
A curler from Russia is suspected of using illegal drug.

Photo: Instagram

No sooner had the country to rejoice over the success of Russian curlers, as immediately broke the doping scandal. Last week athletes wife Anastasia Bryzgalova and Alexander krushelnitsky won “bronze” the Olympic Games in double-doubles. This is the first Olympic medal in the history of Russian Curling. Were happy all: both fans, and sportsmen, and leadership.

And Bryzgalov was recognized by the journalists of the world media as the most beautiful athlete in the current Olympics. It is called Russian Angelina Jolie. Berlinguette at one point we had thousands of new subscribers. Alexander, incidentally, is not jealous of all the attention went to his wife. He also appeared a lot of new friends in the Network. Bryzgalov was adamant that does not want to become part of secular parties. Soon she had clear plans: to prepare for the next competition, to accumulate material resources and in the foreseeable future breeding dogs.

But then came the “bombshell”. It became known that in the sample (group A) of one of the Russian athletes have discovered the ill-fated Meldonium. And, although officially no one name yet is not called, all say that this man was Alexander krushelnitsky. None of the leadership of our team and the curlers do not understand how this is possible.

“Alexander ended up receiving Meldonium in 2016, when the drug was banned — said the coach of the athlete Dmitry Melnikov “Sport-Express”. — Since then never took. Then he passed doping control at the world Championships 2016 and 2017, and no problems ever. I hope this is some kind of mistake.”

“To our doctor this is the fifth Olympics, told reporters Andrey Sozin, first Vice-President of the Curling Federation of Russia. — Meldonium we have not received from October 2015, it is not in use by our athletes! Alexander had passed the doping tests four times before the Olympics, during the Games and after that bronze medal. And there was nothing! All of these suspicions – pure politics, fabricated nonsense, a provocation. I envy the fact that she was overshadowed by all the Olympic Champions! No Meldonium krushelnitsky did not use!”

One of the probable causes of this accident consider an error in the test results, but do not rule out sabotage. It is known that from taking one or two doses, the results of the athlete does not improve, you need a long course. But the blood test will show. There are also questions to the alleged “nesgoraemy” stickers on the tubes…

Within 24 hours the results will be known sample, which will decide everything. The international Olympic Committee will conduct its investigation at the end of Games. And if it turns out that the athlete did take Meldonium not see our country, its flag at the closing ceremony of the Olympics in Phenocane. And the incident put into question the country’s participation in future Games. And, of course, the medal itself the guys will take in a “positive” test for Meldonium.