Влад Соколовский запрещает жене экспериментировать с внешностью Rita Dakota admitted that he wants to change the image, but is afraid that her husband will not be happy with a sudden change of hairstyle. The singer admitted that Vlad Sokolovsky very conservative view of things, so it is without enthusiasm to sudden changes. The artist, in turn, does not want to hurt the feelings of a loved one.

      Влад Соколовский запрещает жене экспериментировать с внешностью

      A little over a year ago, graduates of the project “Factory of stars-7” Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota staged a lavish wedding. The young actors did not hide their love to each other from the public and strongly showed feelings. For many fans their Union seems to be very harmonious and perfect. But as it turned out, Vlad has fairly strict views, especially in those matters which concern the appearance of his lady. About this Rita told her fans in the microblog.

      “My conservative in all respects husband doesn’t let me even tinted balm (the one that washed away in two washing the hair) to dye my hair a dirty pink for the summer. And my braids for the photo shoot was for him moral torture, so he gladly helped me all evening to untangle their favorite movie of the evening”, – admitted the singer.

      Rita Dakota tear doubts about whether to experiment with fashion, or better to stay with the familiar hairstyle. A graduate of the seventh “American idol” wants to make dreadlocks, but I’m not sure whether it’s her husband or not. In order to solve this issue, she appealed to his numerous fans. The fans fully supported the idea of changes in appearance, but couldn’t help noting that men are not always ready to accept such drastic changes.

      “Experiment definitely! I too all colors of the rainbow was and the length of the hair is also different tried. I’m all for experimentation, it’s boring to live your whole life with the same length and in the same manner, as if he did not go you!”, “New haircut, like a new life. Or at least a new state of mind that inspires, encourages and gives emotions, ideas and energy. Though my husband, like most men, holding back my impulses to dye my hair, drastically cut and so on. Says like my long hair of natural color” – shared his opinion subscribers will artist.

      Many fans know Rita like a real rebel who is not afraid to choose bright images. Vlad Sokolovsky for a pretty long time, they know each other, learned to cope with strong-willed spouse.

      “At first I thought that I would be hard somewhere in her mind. But, as a rule, it always gets to the point. I usually have no complaints, and if there is, I say this right. But not to hurt or offend, but with the promise that come, they say, everything will change,” admitted Sokolowski in an interview.

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