Linden is recovering after the second birth

Липа восстанавливается после вторых родов Leading already trying to bring her figure in shape. Lipa said in microblogging, what kind of gymnastics she was advised to do by the doctors after my daughter was born. Part of the exercises taken from yoga and body Flex.

      Липа восстанавливается после вторых родов

      At the end of June the TV presenter Linden Teterich became a mother for the second time. She has a daughter. Woman shares in the microblogging emotion, and talks about how pass the first days of your baby’s life. Like many other famous moms, Lipa has already made a decision to start a fight with the extra pounds that she gained during pregnancy.

      As a motivation star uses a photo taken in December 2015. The picture shows a woman stands in a magnificent dress with a train on the red carpet. According to Teterich, for such a figure she wants to go back soon.

      “I went now to the kitchen, and turned into the “Instagram”. I’ve been here waiting for two months. Put in this time experiment with your body: not hour did not wear a brace, unlike the recovery period after a first child. My doctor convinced me . Said: “Hold yourself, this is for health, not to be confused with sports, the body will remember. Live in the hospital was given a reminder of the ancient classical exercises of Soviet medicine, something between yoga and Flex: all lying on the breath, no load for 10 minutes. In the hospital have time to do four approaches, as recommended, but the house still less. But now I see that the body responded,” – said subscribers Lime.

      Follieri was very interested in her methods of recovery after childbirth and asked to share gymnastic exercises. Many women called for a Linden to write more about how to pass her “Mama days”. Presenter admits to feeling tired, as she has to deal with two children. To the newborn baby she occasionally gets up at night so a peaceful sleep Lipa long forgotten.

      “I think that I serve in the Navy on a submarine – the day of three. Days these are happy,” admitted the mother of two children. Lipe all help her husband and eldest son Laurel. While the woman was in the hospital, they first bought all necessary things for girls.

      By the way, the daughter of Linden were born to the music of Tchaikovsky works “the Nutcracker”. During pregnancy, the star tried to watch good movies and listen to classical music.

      “The child is the fruit of love men and women, the Union of their energies, and to “fill” the origin of life, you need to nourish yourself with inspiration – not only healthy food but also healthy thoughts, contemplation of beauty, dreams, Hobbies,” said Linden while waiting for the missus.

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