Влад Соколовский и Рита Дакота напуганы после взрыва в Нью-Йорке The couple went to America to shoot a new clip, but an emergency has suspended their plans. After what happened in the Chelsea neighborhood, Dakota and Sokolov were evacuated from the hotel. It was a few hundred metres from where the bomb exploded.

    Saturday night in the heart of Manhattan in new York city explosion. It is unknown what the reason. According to some media reports, it was an improvised explosive device. Immediately after the incident the police cordoned off the area where it happened, and the residents of nearby houses were evacuated.

    While in new York, were popular artists Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota. They came to America to film a clip, but the emergency broke the plans of the singers. Vlad and Rita stayed at the hotel, located in five hundred metres from where the explosion occurred. Rating hotel located on 27th street, and from there, after the incident rushed to evacuate people. Celebrities received a message asking them not to approach the Windows and leave the place where they are.

    “We’re only a few hours in new York, came to the shooting, but I can’t proceed because everything is sealed. We are a bit scared to be honest, because the hotel will not let anyone, our friends can’t come to us, we are in shock. On 23rd street lives our Director, she can’t take documents and equipment from home, we’re going now somewhere on the outskirts away from the center. With times square also dispersed the people, there is always a police car, scary,” the wife told reporters.

    Recall that the explosion occurred at 20:30 local time, it happened between 6th Avenue and 23rd street. At that time in the quarter Chelsea was very crowded, as there are plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes. According to local police, injured 29 people, one of them seriously injured. Now for his life doctors fight. The press wrote that among the victims were not Russians. The mayor of new York bill de Blasio noted that there is currently no reason to believe the incident a terrorist act. According to him, the city is safe. Currently investigating the incident. According to de Blasio, the explosion was a deliberate act.

    Vlad Sokolovsky also called on Russians who are now in new York, to be careful and try not to go in the center because there is now troubled, reported Life.ru.