Муж Анны Нетребко страстно поздравил ее с днем рождения On Sunday, the celebrity celebrates the anniversary. The husband of a famous Opera diva made a touching social media posts in which he admitted his love for her and called Anna the only meaning of life. The actress continues to receive kind words from family, friends and fans.

      18 Sep Opera diva Anna Netrebko turned 45 years old. The artist began to congratulate him early in the morning. One of the first who wished her well were her family and friends. Celebrity husband, 39-year-old singer Yusif Eyvazov, has made several publications on social networks, which once again confessed in love to your soul mate. “Happy birthday, my life, always! May your generous heart will always be filled with happiness, tishey we’ll take care of it,” shared Eyvazov on Facebook.

      Yusif also decided to congratulate his wife on Instagram. He wrote that Anna — his main Aria, and the only meaning in life.

      “My life, my heart, my love, happy birthday! For nearly three years we’ve been together and how you make me happy every day! Be happy with a bagel we love you very much, you are my biggest pride is my biggest love, my most beautiful Aria, my only meaning of life is… Let it be always” — these words Eyvazov congratulated his wife on anniversary.

      The followers of the artist ardently supported him and wished them a creative family all the best. “Beautiful people and beautiful! These qualities are so difficult to reconcile in this world. Stay always like this”, “You are a wonderful couple!”, “How lucky that you have each other,” “Love and be loved”, “What beautiful, touching words! You’re wonderful! You have a wonderful birthday Anna, “both of you Be thrice happy! We love you so much, guys. Anna, you deserve the highest happiness, and you have it,” wrote fans a pair in the comments of the post Eyvazov.

      By the way, Sunday Netrebko also congratulated the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. He noted that the works of Anna is widely known in Russia and abroad. According to the journalists, Medina highlighted the natural artistry and unique celebrity voice, which helped her to become one of the most popular Opera singers.

      We will remind, that Anna Netrebko was married to Yusif Eyvazov in 2015. The couple raises the son of Anna from a previous marriage, Tiago Arua. The couple live in Vienna. In interviews, the singers have repeatedly admitted that they value their family, and she is the most precious thing they have. Anna also told journalists that is confident in Yusif and he, in her opinion, a very reliable partner. She also described him as a great singer with tremendous power.