Джессика Альба решила продать свою «Нечестную компанию»
The actress wants to get rid of the disgrace of its business.

Jessica Alba

Photo: Legion-media

As it became known, representative Jessica
Alba talks about the sale belonging to the actress Honest Company,
conceived as a company specializing in the production of environmentally friendly
products. According to the reporter of Hollywood Life website,
currently, the main contender for the purchase of the business of the actress is
Corporation Unilever.

According to leaked information, Alba
expects to receive for his company about $ 1 billion. And although the amount
so huge, in fact, agreeing on a price, Jessica will suffer
huge losses. After all, estimates such reputable publications as the Wall Street Journal,
the real value of the Honest Company
is 1.7 billion dollars.

What made Alba to go to such
unfavorable deal? Apparently, she could not stand the barrage of criticism and
lawsuits that have befallen her business over the past year and a half.
Outraged by the quality of its products consumers directly
accusing the actress of fraud. Foes of the actress has even managed to rename
her “brainchild” of the Honest Company (which
translated as “Honest company”) in a Company that’s so dishonest!,
that is “Dishonest company”.

The first complaints about the low quality
products Honest Company was extended last year when consumers
sunscreen produced by the company, received a sunburn.
Then was promulgated the results of a study of expert-lover of Jonathan
Rubin said that in the whole range of Jessica products, including
gels and detergents contain harmful substances.

But the scandal
erupted when not harmless components — including highly toxic derivative of formaldehyde and semenistiy
sodium, which is commonly added to animal feed, was detected in baby food! And every time, defensively
from the claim, Alba swore to his good name. So of course
account, this argument has lost its force, and the reputation of the actress has suffered greatly.