Влад Лисовец вспомнил героический поступок Жанны Фриске The singer, despite the danger, rushed to rescue strangers to her child. Stylist Vlad Lisovets proud of the courage of Jeanne Friske. The man was surprised that the fragile artist is not afraid to jump into the water for a little girl.

      Friends of the singer Zhanna Friske cherish all my memories of her. Some stellar colleagues of the actress are happy to share with fans touching stories that make it clear to everyone around, some bright person was Jeanne.

      Famous stylist Vlad Lisovets told his followers the incident, which happened exactly nine years ago. He and his friends rested on the exclusive beach in Miami for a big company, where Zhanna Friske noticed a deadly threat to the child.

      “We got up from the chairs and see in the water are a man and a little girl (daughter), and around them floats the shark circles. They do not see, are still talking and can’t understand, can’t hear what all the screaming. No one dared to go into the water, apparently afraid to mess up, “honey swimwear” beach – luxury (other lie). Second we are to each other: “Run”. And together we fly into the water, shouting “Danger, Shark!” The man heard, takes her into his arms. He looked around and saw a black spot in the water. From our running on water (but we not see) the shark began to sail. And a man with a pale face came out of the water, nothing happened. And I after this incident, telling everyone with pride, what Januska bold”, – recalled the stylist on the day of Baptism.

      Fans were happy to learn a little more about how the character had the former soloist of group “Brilliant”. They admired her courage and felt happy for those who once had the good fortune personally to communicate with her. 100 extremely rare photos of Zhanna Friske

      “Every day more and more I realize that Jeanne hero,” “It would be great if friends of Jeanne sometimes laid out some stories with Jeanne, it would be nice to remember her like this it made Vlad”, “Tears. Thank you for these stories,” wrote the followers Lisovets.

      For all family care Jeanne was a real blow. They try to do everything to the memory of the singer is preserved as long as possible. Producer Alex Holoptsev, with the support of parents and sister of the artist, organizes charity concerts in her honor. The family of Jeanne Friske called for the evening of her memory