Дочь Сергея Гармаша подарила ему внука The actor first became a grandfather. His heiress Daria gave birth to a son. The happy event occurred at the beginning of the month, but happy mother did not immediately tell reporters about the new addition to the family.

      Дочь Сергея Гармаша подарила ему внука

      Sergei Garmash for the first time became a grandfather. On the upcoming replenishment in the family of a famous actor “StarHit” reported in September last year. 28-year-old daughter of movie stars Daria gave birth to a boy in early January, but the weeks kept this joyful event from the public.

      Recall that the successor of the actor married 29-year-old Pavel Sidorov, kinospielfilm. They got married after eight years of relationship in the summer of 2015. The celebration took place in a narrow circle of relatives and friends in the restaurant at Chistye Prudy. The honeymoon they spent in the Turkish town of Göcek. After a year Paul and Daria think about posterity.

      According to his wife, Garmash, Inna Timofeeva, when her daughter became pregnant, she decided not even to know the sex of the child to be born was her husband surprise.

      Дочь Сергея Гармаша подарила ему внука

      Sergey Garmash originally endorsed the choice of his daughter. Paul he seemed a great guy. When the actor found out about the pregnancy heiress, he was very happy as long wanted to be a grandfather. Familiar Daria also believe that she is lucky with her husband.

      “Dasha with him as behind a stone wall. Recently we went for a few months to take in Ossetia, then in Peter all this time I have never seen them quarrel. The guys were as a married couple, calling each other “husband-wife”, so the news of the wedding was perceived as a question: “haven’t you painted?” By the way, the party can not name them. Before they can, and loved to act and now spend a lot of time at my parents country house in the suburban village bulls. There if you need it, Pasha helping me around the house Sergey Leonidovich, and Dasha – mom. They have a tradition to roast a duck for lunch and to gather the whole family,” spoke about the relationship of Paul and Dasha, their friend.

      According to the daughter Garmash, she gave birth in Russia. As told to a young mother Life.ru the heir appeared in one of the capital’s hospitals. Daria and Paul accept congratulations from friends and acquaintances with a new addition to the family.