Maxim Fadeev explained the disappearance of Yulia Savicheva

Максим Фадеев объяснил исчезновение Юлии Савичевой The producer responded to the rumors about the pregnancy of the singer. Maxim Fadeev has urged the public not to worry about the health of Yulia Savicheva. He said that in the near future the artist will present his new album.

      Recently 29-year-old singer Julia Savicheva rarely updates their pages in social networks and not releasing new songs. Fans of the artist concerned: what happened to their beloved star? In the Network appeared rumors that Savicheva has decided to suspend work because she is preparing for the replenishment of the family. Yulia prefers to refrain from comment on the matter. Fans of celebrities hastened to address for explanations to her producer.

      Julia Savicheva appeared after the disappearance

      “No need to panic! Julia is still the artist of the Production center Maxim Fadeev. Now she devoted herself to writing a new album and family. Soon you will hear and see”, – said Fadeev, accompanied by its archival video 2002.

      Subscribers of Maxim wished his ward success. “I’d like to hear her songs, I managed to miss”, “Julia good Luck and new victories!”, “We look forward to her return,” “Thank you,” “well Done”, “Star it”, “Finally some news about Julia,” was discussed by users of social networks. One of the fans Savicheva remembered her performance, which took place a few years ago. “Then I was still a child. My mom came in among the first to get closer. I “imprinted” into the grid. It was terrible, just awful. But the guards took pity on him, and we looked the whole concert backstage. That happiness was something” – shared the girl.

      Recall that the last album Savicheva was released in 2014. The fourth Studio album by the artist, created in collaboration with her lover Alexander by Arshinova, was called “Personal…”. It included songs like “White plane”, “Rise and Shine” and “What is love?”. The work Julia has received positive reviews from critics, who noted its sensitivity and candor.

      Savicheva later presented the song “My way”. The words and music wrote to her husband stars Alexander Arshinov. In January 2016, fans of the singer enjoyed the video for this song. Since then, Julia did not please fans with their creativity. They concluded that the artist decided to focus on her family life.

      Julia Savicheva and composer Alexander Arshinov met in 2003. Then the artist was a participant of the TV project “Factory of stars-2”. Lovers have legalized their relationship in October 2014.