Vitorgan and Kurkova – the video “the Three witches”: see video and photos!

Виторган и Куркова – в клипе «Три ведьмы»: смотри видео и фото!

In the Internet appeared the video to the acclaimed production of “Black Russian” Maxim Didenko.

Video “the Three witches” was filmed based on the novel Pushkin “Dubrovsky” and began advertising project performance “Black Russian”, which premiered in Moscow in early autumn.

In the center of the plot – the love story of Maria Troekurovo (ravshana Kurkova). During the wedding ceremony of Prince designed to Vereisky (Maxim Vitorgan), she runs away to her lover, Vladimir Dubrovsky (Stanislav Rumyantsev), but finds him dead…

The words to “the Three witches” performed by Ravshan Kursovoy – folk, while the music arrangement was done Ivan Kushner.

“Soundtrack “Black Russian” is a mix of ancient ritual chants, choral music and modern electronic and rock music. The lyrics have a certain sense of the sacred, which might not have value for us today, but it still works on a subconscious level,” – said Ivan Kushner.

Video recording took place at the art Park Nikola-Lenivets in the Kaluga region under the leadership of Director Maxim Didenko.

The play “the Black Russian” as they say its creators, was played 154 times, watched it more than 12 thousand spectators. Also the project involved 49 artists, they spent on the stage during games and rehearsals approximately 792 hours!

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