Экс-участница «Дом-2. Остров любви» раскрыла всю правду о проекте Maria Ilyin shared his thoughts on the social network. She has published spicy picture from the Seychelles, which hosted the reality TV show, and left a detailed comment on how it was placed on the project during her stay there. The girl most lacked sincerity and love.

      Maria Ilyina among the other 12 girls had become party to the second season of “House-2. The island of love”, where she also had to fight for the heart of one of the young men. For several weeks Ilyin tried to reveal his feelings, however, the team formed the view that she acted quite passive and did not put in full force. Soon the decision of the producers of the TV show’s second season was prematurely suspended due to the fact that the participants did not meet expectations. According to the management of “House-2” in the air was not brightness, but the characters themselves did not behave in the best way.

      The producers closed the show “Dom-2. The island of love”

      Speaking on this, Ilyin confidently stated that there is no shell script for participants: none. According to the girl, on the project come absolutely real people who, in fact, serve completely different purposes. Maria said that someone is using the “House-2” as a means to increase popularity online, some wanted to go to the Seychelles to relax and have fun. There are also those who are outside the perimeter of the second half, but in search of thrills young people went on a reality show.

      “There’s no script! There are people beginning to stir up some action. On the basis of affectedness and insincerity of the participants, it seems that everything on the script! The project got people who have the halves of the perimeter. Did not fit in my head for a figure pinned to the island of love?! Dear people who are going to audition! Before coming to the project, a hundred times think and solve all your kind of business. Getting on a project, you need to build a relationship, and must be the interest in communicating with other people,” the girl wrote in Instagram.

      Mary also stated that “eligible bachelor” of the project were not trying in some way to motivate the girls to action. When ilina chose to take the initiative in their own hands and move into a Bungalow, she on her own memories, was thrown into the street. It became frustrating when repeatedly raised the issue about whether to arrange a romantic date. The girl believes that it is important to build love, not to show it so, as usual unable to perceive the viewers.

      Ilina all the attention was focused on the selection of potential participants. She agrees with the opinion of Andrei Cherkasov, who in one of the esters is said that we must invite only sincere girls who are free, not burdened with the hardships of family life and are not intended to assert themselves at the expense of multi-million ratings of “House-2”.

      “We didn’t start the groom, do not face and not motivated. I still watch the draft and in ether Andrei Cherkasov made it clear to lead a normal girls! Without children married without complicated past, etc. Those with whom we can enter into a relationship and go further hand in hand! Tired of these profursetki that no one interesting! Coming for members! Because such a project goes bad. Not enough sincerity, love, emotions! I hope that the third season will be the best! Gather people who are ready to dive into love,” said Maria in his microblog.