Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью» The artist opened the “StarHit” some of the details of his personal life. Vitas told about what was troubling him and explained why he intends to unite loved ones – the musician has underlined that will make this all possible.

      Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью»

      For 16 years, Vitas continues to please its fans with new creations. In 2016, the artist released a thirtieth anniversary video for their song “Share love to share” and the twenty-fifth album, and also visited several countries on tour. “StarHit” talked with the artist after his birthday and learned how the star resolves the conflict with his wife and how he managed to conquer the Chinese audience.

      Vitas, what will please listeners in the near future?
      Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью»I have that small pause in the work. I decided to devote all free time to his beloved family, children, daughter Alla and son Maxim. The first leg of a world tour completed 64 concert in different countries. I went to China, Korea, Mexico, Brazil. Soon I will have performances in other parts of the globe in the framework of the program “I have come”. By the way, the Japanese made a documentary film “Thank you for your love”, it will be broadcast on local channels. I gave a solo concert in Moscow, where he was invited by my foreign colleagues. Also this year he released the album with my songs, which is already available on iTunes.—
      As noted birthday?
      Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью»Well. On this day I had a concert performed in front of Chinese friends who work in Russia. Besides, the show was attended by members of my family. I have presented a lot of gifts. Most impressed with the costume line of clothing, which is available under my name in China. This outfit glows, changes color depending on the wearer’s mood. In Asia, these things are very popular, especially among young people.—
      Some time ago you told in the program “Let them talk” that they plan to meet with his own father. Was doing. How is the relationship with other relatives?
      Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью»Unfortunately, was unable to meet with the Pope and is unlikely to succeed in the near future. This is due to personal motives, in particular, we have developed an uneasy relationship with his father. But I love it and the grandchildren are waiting for grandpa to visit. Our house is always open for dad. There is an emotional component to this issue, which would prevent our close fellowship. We corresponded regularly on the Internet, but meeting “eye to eye” is not, although I will make every effort to keep the family together. —
      How did you manage to survive the loss of his mother and grandfather’s death? After all, you were so close with my family… Who was supported at the time?
      Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью»Each person, unfortunately, happen such loss. This is the pain that always lives in the heart. Love and respect to parents is the greatest happiness. For my mother and grandfather – an irreparable loss. I will forever cherish the love and support they gave me.
      Where you live most of the time?
      Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью»Perhaps in airplanes. I have a lot of concerts, have to constantly live in different countries: in Brazil, spent three weeks in China – almost two months. Tour schedule makes it impossible to stay home for a week or more. If possible, I want to go with the family on vacation this summer. Want to be with them on a beautiful island with palm trees, white sand, run along the shore of a sea or ocean. Since the age of 14 I tried to go on the big stage, for me, is the meaning of life, so no regrets.
      Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью»
      Did you ever have such crises in the relationship that were ready to divorce his wife? How do you solve conflicts in the family?
      Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью»I can say that a serious crisis was not. Smart and loving people will always understand each other, will be able to negotiate, to give arguments. We try to find a compromise in any situation. I don’t think it’s right to put the relationship with his wife to this danger, even if it is only in the mind… Divorce is unacceptable. —
      What made you the most vivid impression when you first came to China? How were the people?
      Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью»I believe that if the artist goes to the audience with a pure heart and acts with maximum efficiency, it doesn’t matter where the concert. China was amazed me only thousands of rooms. In 2006 I gave there first concert. It seemed to me from the stage at the bottom of an ocean of people. I remember this feeling for life. Now it is less surprising because it’s been eight such rounds. In all countries (in total 27) where I spoke, the audience was supportive. In June this year I am going to USA for shooting of a television program, the leading of which have already announced my arrival and told about the work. —
      What requirements must comply with the organizers of the concerts? Maybe there is a special item in your rider?
      Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью»What is given, then ate, I unpretentious. If you bother about Ryder, you can miss something more important. For me it is more interesting to walk around, see what people are doing. In China you have to go only in the dark, as I recognized on the streets. But in the evening it is possible to visit some places only accompanied by guards. Let’s say, have to comply with the safety requirements. There were situations when in Asian countries the audience is sometimes prevented to leave the venue of the concert. Sometimes I sit in the dressing room for three or four hours, and the audience said the car the process went to a hotel. Once had to climb through the sewers. I was taken through the corridor, as in the main entrance waited for the crowd of people. The guards did not give any assurance that it will be possible to escape unharmed. The Internet even has pictures… We spent in the sewers for four hours with the military. Yes, there was such situation, it was impossible to call the police water cannons against the enthusiastic audience. Sat and waited in silence, spoke in a whisper. In the end, we got to the hotel, literally jumped into a waiting car.
      Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью»
      With whom would you like to perform a duet?
      Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью»Abroad sometimes had to be paired with other artists. However, I don’t like duets is an obligation to negotiate with a colleague and to match the emotions. I am happy that I was able to work with such Russian stars as Lyubov Kazarnovskaya, Nadezhda Kadysheva, Lev Leshchenko, Alexander Buinov. In Russia, such duets are popular in TV music programs. —
      How about the people who rehash your compositions?
      Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью»In China, there are a few websites where they post parodies of my songs. I even attended one such resource, there are about 10 thousand of such compositions. In the United States are now popular my track “the Seventh element”, which came out parody. TV show The Soup published on its website the video of my performance with this song, and then she got in their Christmas edition. Now, the video has received more than 30 million likes.
      Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью»
      You recently had a conflict on the ground, which Dimash Kudaibergenov performed “Opera No. 2″… Why is this case particularly touched you? There came to the proceedings with the assistance of lawyers?
      Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью»Can’t say that it was a conflict for me. Many fans from both sides began to sort out relations with each other and use profanity against me and the Dimash. If to speak about the legal side of this case, the company that represents my interests in the Asian region and monitors compliance, copyright, needs to understand this issue. Under my name released a lot of products in China. If any artist uses a song or other goods, the rights holder files suit to protect intellectual property in court. It is normal practice. In the case of “the Opera №2” no one about anything not ask. In my opinion, rightly, that if you take someone else’s song, then you need to obtain a license. I hope that this case will live without the courts, in a peaceful format.—
      As soon as you started to perform on stage, have you experienced some difficulties? How did you survive that hit you the glory, and were there people who thought you were arrogant?
      Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью»Make four years. My grandfather gave me an accordion, I climbed onto the table and began to recite a story he invented himself. Mom told me that I visually showed all events. Life felt like an artist. No difficulties were experienced, even when struck world fame. I put a monument in Shanghai, and wax figures in museums is the Asian region. Nice to be between brad pitt and Celine Dion. But “conceited” – this is not about me.

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      You have a grown up daughter and son. Who in the upbringing of children is more strict, you or your spouse? How to pamper a son and a daughter? Whether you want more children?
      Витас: «Я приложу все усилия, чтобы спасти семью»Of course I do, but wait and see. The process of raising children is complex and multi-layered. It is important that the daughter and son were happy. No matter what profession they choose. Importantly, they are happy and positive worked need and favorite thing that benefits people.