Sister Olga Buzova told about her health after hospitalization

Сестра Ольги Бузовой сообщила о ее самочувствии после госпитализации She wrote that the media personality is not going to tell you about his health. Relative leading “House-2” it is unpleasant that fans pounced on her with accusations. Fans of the young singer think that Anna needs now to be near a sister, and not to engage in personal Affairs.

      Anna Buzova decided to appease the fans of his sister Olga wrote on Instagram that she was all right and she will decide when is the best time to share the details of emergency hospitalization. Apparently, the health of the presenter is not in danger, but netizens strongly concerned about the health of your cat, so they showered Anna with a barrage of questions which require clarification of the situation. Some of it remains unclear why Buzova Jr. continues to share footage in social networks and pretend that nothing happened.

      Olga Buzova is undergoing treatment at a private clinic

      Interestingly, the smile Anna became the subject of discussion. The followers don’t understand how a girl can stay calm, while her cousin is being treated at the clinic. Obviously, businesswoman touched the words of the commentators and she hurried to justify himself before them. According to her, public attacks are unfounded, because only the entourage of a celebrity known the current state of Affairs.

      “A lot of questions about the condition of my sister. She will be informed about his health when she pleases and to whom she wants. Therefore, I ask the barrage of negativity associated with the way I can smile, walk, breathe, and generally live when your sister is sick, stop. Be kind, take care of yourself and your loved ones and not get sick,” – wrote in the microblog Anna.

      Followers of Anna stood up for her and said that she always tries to be next to her sister in difficult moments. It is, according to commentators, was never indifferent to her problems and tried to help whenever possible. Followers are convinced that Anna just doesn’t want to share all the details, because Olga herself has not commented on his condition. For the majority of users of the Network obviously, Buzova, Jr. will share all spiritual experiences.

      It is interesting that earlier, when Olga became ill during a concert, Anna was in no hurry to complain to subscribers in sick relatives, and just wrote words of encouragement and kept the smile on her face. The followers noted that life optimism girl helps older sister easier to tolerate all the hardships.

      “Well done, smile on your face – a gift to us. So, with the sister all right”, “Why does she have to cry and not smile? Olga you need to heal and will once again delight us. I wish the most important health, health and again health. Beauty sister Buzova,do not pay attention to evil tongues”, “Ola need is now positive. Annie, you’re the best. Ola a speedy recovery!”, – supported the followers Buzova-Junior online.

      Recall that on admission, she was became known later on Thursday evening. The media personality has published in Instagram a picture in the signature to which has written that has caused “ambulance”. Doctors, who arrived to Buzova, adopted a decision on immediate hospitalization. The star shared with the experts, that in recent weeks, slept only 2-3 hours and worked hard in the chart. It is obvious that the body of an aspiring singer failed.

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      The representative Buzova Anton Bogoslavskaya says that very soon Olga will recover and return to normal life. He hopes that next week the presenter will be able to conduct all planned activities.