Regina todorenko secretly got married in India

Регина Тодоренко тайно вышла замуж в Индии The presenter accepts congratulations with the day of the wedding. Regina todorenko became a member of an unusual ceremony in Kolkata. Host of “heads and tails” has unveiled her “fiance” during the broadcast.

      Fans of TV presenter Regina Todorenko intrigued by the reports on the Internet about the secret wedding of the star that allegedly took place in India. The star of “the eagle and tails” Regina todorenko hides beloved showman

      The news that 26-year-old beauty married was posted on the official website of the program “heads and tails” in Instagram. Under the Regina Todorenko in the national dress of Indian women reported that family status has changed recently. And in the program it will even show “lucky”, which became her “husband.” “Did you know that in Kolkata Regina got married?” intrigued users the authors of the program about travel, adding that details can be seen in the new issue of the “eagle and tails”.

      But some of the loyal fans have already found a transmission on the Internet and share your experience in the comments.

      “Just look about Calcutta. All matters were postponed, can not be separated. You guys are mega cool. Regina marries tree! As always, gorgeous and funny person,” wrote one of podeschi Regina Todorenko.

      However, some followers of the presenter immediately suggested that her wedding may be part of the show. And so it was. Regina todorenko, removing the program is about Calcutta, was one of the rituals which helps Indian girls to get rid of celibacy.

      In India, indeed, give the girls marry a tree. It is practiced in cases, when the beauties there are obstacles to entry into customary marriage. In this country there is a belief that a girl born in unfavourable astrological period, can be a self-fulfilling prophecy for her future husband. And of course, the poor no one wants to marry. But wise Indians found a way out.

      A girl is first married to a tree. After the wedding, wooden “spouse” is cut down, thus fulfilling the worst predictions. Becoming a “widow”, the girl is free to marry a man already.

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      By the way, the rite had to undergo, for example, and a famous Indian actress Aishwarya Paradise, who was born under bad stars. But even that the groom’s parents wasn’t enough, after the engagement, they together with young traveled almost all Indian temples, begging for the young at the mercy of the gods.