Vitas has launched a platform for young performers

Витас запустил площадку для молодых исполнителей
Singer Vitas has created a new social network Taingle where young artists can post their creations.

Витас запустил площадку для молодых исполнителей

Vitas says that you created a special algorithm that brings out the uniqueness of the hosted content.

Витас запустил площадку для молодых исполнителей

“The network is focused on people who want promotion, – told the artist. – It is not intended for a photo on the background of ficus, and is designed for users who will share their creative projects – footage and video. Specially designed for this algorithm will be to evaluate how uniquely laid out, and the higher the talent level of the post, the more users will see the following publication. Another feature of my product – what the user can leave to his own and others posts audio comments”.

It should be noted that Vitas is very popular not only in Russia but also abroad.

In China the singer has a large number of fans.

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