Anna Netrebko answered the question about losing weight

Анна Нетребко ответила на вопрос о похудении
Anna Netrebko is a very popular Opera singer and is famous for its beauty and vivid way.

Анна Нетребко ответила на вопрос о похудении

Fans closely follow the life of the beloved singer.

The last time fans are surprised at how lost Anna.

Itself Netrebko has disappointed fans, saying that her weight is still the same as in the last eight years.

“Finally decided to dispel the myth about weight loss, just to avoid confusion. My weight is about the same for the last 8 years and it suits me perfectly. Any diets I do not accept and eat whatever I like in moderation. And I am absolutely against stupid standards. Every woman has their body and have to be myself, regardless of age, growth and size,” said Netrebko.

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