Виталий Гогунский планирует поехать на «Евровидение-2017»  The star of “Univer” suggested Philip Kirkorov his candidacy for the contest. Vitaly Gogunsky hopes that the audience will be chosen to represent Russia at the next Eurovision.

      In 2014, for the spectators of the project “one to One!” was a revelation that the actor Vitaly Gogunsky, which has become popular due to the role; in the TV series “Univer”, in addition to this talented singer.

      Each performance celebrity – parody of Madonna, Adriano Celentano, Freddie Mercury or Vadim Kazachenko – made an indelible impression on the jury members and fans of the TV show. As a result, at the end of the contest, Vitali was the winner. But after the triumph, the 38-year-old Gogunsky did not stop there. In 2015, he took part in music competition “the Main stage”, where he went to semifinal in the team of Maxim Fadeev. And in 2016, the audience again saw Vitaly on TV channel “Russia” – this time in “one to One! Battle of the seasons”.

      Today, Vitaly decided to aim even higher – a celebrity plans to present its candidacy for the world song contest “Eurovision-2017”.

      “I’ve already written this beautiful music for a song in English, called Butterfly – says Vitali “StarHit”. – Poetry – of the authorship of my girlfriend Natasha, Klimenkova. Recently got in touch with Philip Kirkorov, longtime mentor of our musicians at Eurovision – he liked the song. Phillip and I have been friends for 15 years, met on the selection of the musical “Chicago” in the early 2000s. “one to One!” I went on his advice”.

      In the coming weeks, Vitali plans to vigorously prepare for the song contest, so in January 2017, the year the audience selected him to participate in “Eurovision” which will pass in Kiev.

      Recall that Russia has only once managed to win in the global battle of the songs. In 2008 Dima Bilan won the contest, performing the song “Believe”.

      Before that, many Russian artists were trying to climb to the musical Olympus, among them Polina Gagarina, Yulia Savicheva, group “T. A. T. U.”, the singer Alsu, groups “mummies the Troll” and “Prime Minister” and others. In 2016 Russia at “Eurovision” was represented by Sergey Lazarev with the song “You Are the Only One”. The contractor took the third place.