Андрей Мягков попал в больницу The famous actor was hospitalized in Moscow. 78-year-old Andrey Myagkov hastened to assure all colleagues and admirers that his life is not in danger. Doctors have prescribed a course of treatment of an elderly artist.

      Андрей Мягков попал в больницу

      Famous Soviet and Russian actor Andrey Myagkov, now found himself in a hospital bed in one of clinics of Moscow. The man was taken to a medical facility with acute pain. An elderly actor conducted a survey and found serious complication of the disease. However, Andrei did not spread about what disease was diagnosed by the doctors. The artist said that he was all right.

      “I’m in the hospital. All is well,” said the man in conversation with journalists.

      Fans and colleagues were alarmed by the news of the hospitalization Myagkov and wish him a speedy recovery.

      Famous Soviet and Russian actor Andrey Myagkov known to on a number of popular movies, who loves and see the whole country so far. He played in such films as “Irony of fate or With light steam”, “Office romance”, “Garage”, “Cruel romance”, “Irony of fate. Continued,” and many others. His creative career began in 1965, when the screens out the movie “the adventures of a dentist”. With his wife Anastasia Voznesenskaya they live in perfect harmony for more than 50 years. Despite a strong marriage, the couple had no children. All the strength they have given creativity. Also famous actors taught at the School-Studio MXAT.

      Six months ago, the hospital got a colleague Myagkov on film “Office romance” Svetlana Nemolyaeva. The woman decided to refer to specialists “Ambulance” after feeling unwell. However, doctors decided to play it safe and took her to the hospital for further examination. “Don’t worry, all is well. I have unexpectedly discovered arrhythmia, fortunately, the doctors I have a good, immediately do everything necessary and brought me up. I’m glad I have wonderful doctors, so don’t worry about their health,” said Nemolyaeva.

      According to the publication Life.ru, Myagkova already prescribed a course of inpatient treatment, a condition doctors estimate as stable.