Валерий Николаев лечил психическое здоровье в клинике It turned out that the actor was under the supervision of doctors at the medical center in Khimki. Valery Nikolaev has surprised the public with his behavior at the end of winter. For the illegal actions he has already been punished.

      Валерий Николаев лечил психическое здоровье в клинике

      In late February, the public was stirred up news about the aggressive behavior of the actor Valery Nikolaev. The man brought down the woman crossing the street in the right place, fled the scene, and then during the arrest, police officers resisted. In early March, the artist spent ten days in detention for disobeying the authorities. However, this punishment did not repent of Nikolaev, and some time later, he again violated traffic rules, drove into the oncoming lane.

      Valery Nikolaev detained after the accident

      As it turned out, during the investigation, Valery was under the supervision of physicians. In one of clinics situated near Moscow he was diagnosed “mental disorder” and “conduct disorder, unspecified”, which was complicated by suicidal behavior.

      A few months later, Valery Nikolaev confessed that he had depression, which was the reason for such inappropriate behavior. He decided to publicly apologize and tried to justify himself in the eyes of the public. His wife Elmira Zemskova has released a video message in which her husband sincerely repents. Valery Nikolaev will be punished for brawl

      “I appeal to anyone who has followed the recent events in my life. I’m really sorry. For a long time I was in a state of deep stress, suffered from insomnia and nervous tension. In my mind, apparently, messed up the lives of the characters on the screen and real life. And with the role of a normal person I can’t handle. Now the experts help to give me back the psychological and moral health. I see and understand that was out of line, especially against police officers who acted within the law,” – said Valery.

      A hearing on the case of Nikolaev took place in early August. The actor was able to avoid jail and get off with a fine in the amount of 150 thousand rubles. The plaintiff after reconciliation with the artist, tried to withdraw its application.

      As it became known edition Life.ru Nikolaev was in the medical center in Khimki during the investigation. The primary forensic psychiatric examination showed that at the time of the brawl, the actor did not suffer any mental disorders so they could be fully responsible for their actions. However, it was proved that Nikolaev had consumed alcoholic beverages shortly before the Commission of unlawful acts.