Виталий Гогунский винит друзей в проблемах с супругой
In summer, the actor Vitaly Gogunsky, who became famous after starring in the TV series “Univer” TV channel TNT, with his wife Iryna and daughter Milana decided to relax away from the bustle of the capital in the suburban dacha.

Виталий Гогунский винит друзей в проблемах с супругой

According to the actor, for him it is the best holiday: nature, fresh air, sun and a family favorite around.

But recently in an interview with reporters Vitaly, and I remembered the difficulties that has not spared his family.

Виталий Гогунский винит друзей в проблемах с супругой

“In the beginning of the relationship constantly fighting, mainly because psevdodruzey that we about each other all sorts of stories were told. And when I broke up (approx. after the birth of her daughter seven years the couple was not together), and all help started. People are not too lazy to ruin our lives, to call me to lie about Ira, then call her and talk nonsense about me.

Correctly say: while the truth puts on pants, the lie is already halfway around the world walked. As well, we realised that we are trying to embroil due to basic human envy and we belong to each other. Moreover, we have such a wonderful daughter – with their girls and I’m the happiest,” – said Gogunsky.

We will remind that this year on April 25 the young people were married.

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