Alla Pugacheva barely cope with his phobia

Алла Пугачева едва справилась со своей фобией
Festival “Heat”, which was held in Baku, was attended by many stars of Russian show business.

Алла Пугачева едва справилась со своей фобией

The most anticipated person at the event was Alla Pugacheva.

Diva came to Baku immediately after the wedding of his grandson Nikita Presnyakov.

Pugacheva even admitted that in order to make it in time, she had to overcome many years of fear of flying.

“We had a very good plane. For many years I did not fly, but overcame himself to be here,” – said Alla.

Also, the Diva told about what is going to give recitals to the seventieth birthday, and now fans will be looking forward to it.

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