Children Jasmine really miss my dad

Дети Жасмин очень скучают по папе
About a month ago the husband of a popular singer Jasmine Ilan Shor was sentenced to seven and a half years of imprisonment in a colony.

Дети Жасмин очень скучают по папе

But the singer believes his wife is innocent and genuinely believes that he can prove it. Arriving at the festival, “Heat”, Jasmine said that now children visit in Moldova.

Дети Жасмин очень скучают по папе

“Margaret worries for him, she still feels and loves. In early July, when I brought children in Moldova, Miron directly to him reached out, put his head on my shoulder, kissed him. I have goosebumps ran. And Margaret said, “Daddy, I want you were all the time near me!” We live in different countries, it’s hard, but we cope. It only makes us stronger,” says Jasmine with journalists.

It is not known when will be held the following hearings, but the singer hopes that lawyers will be able to collect the necessary evidence of innocence of her husband.

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