Визит Линдси Лохан к Андрею Малахову: что осталось за кадром «Пусть говорят» The actress stayed at the presidential Suite of the hotel. Initially, Lindsay Lohan was placed in a regular room, and then, at the request of the Director of the “Ritz”, she was given a better room. During the filming of a TV star was very nervous and afraid to offend the parents of Yegor Tarabarova.

      Визит Линдси Лохан к Андрею Малахову: что осталось за кадром «Пусть говорят»

      Wednesday, September 21, in the program “Let speak” American star Lindsay Lohan was frankly told about the difficult relationship with the son of the Russian millionaire. The actress admitted that the family of Yegor Tarabarova not provided her a great life, and even a ring that was issued for the engagement, she bought herself. Lindsay Lohan live at Andrey Malakhov

      Lohan flew to Russia to meet with TV presenter and editor-in-chief of the project “StarHit”. Shooting actress was satisfied, thanked Andrey Malakhov for the delicacy. “StarHit” found out what happened behind the scenes of official interviews.

      “Lindsay was very nervous and afraid to offend parents Tarabarova – they are treating her well, said “StarHit” surrounded by the actress. They all say she’s a modest girl came to their home, after dinner, she is washing the dishes. Lindsay flight to Moscow was detained upon arrival she slept a lot. First interview was rescheduled for 7 PM, but in the end it was already 4 in the morning – the crew was on duty at the hotel for almost a day. Before that, the actress went for a late dinner in the restaurant La Maree – friends advised her. All her many friends in Russia – guys who are studying in London, they were together in Saint-Tropez, Mykonos”.

      In addition, Lindsay remained grateful to the hotel, because originally it was placed in a regular room, and then transferred to the best. “In this day of the Davis Cup match between Russia and Kazakhstan flew the Director of “the Ritz” – shared with “StarHit” the hotel. – From the news, he learned that Lohan would like the presidential Suite, and at his personal request it was allocated absolutely free”.

      According to friends of the actress, Lindsay really did not want to interfere with Egor. “She claims that his popularity was blown away – said surrounded by a Lohan. – He, as far as we know, too, received the offer from the broadcasters, but he said that it is too early to talk about the breakup”.