Дана Борисова водит наследницу по ночным клубам The presenter went to a karaoke club together with Pauline, which recently turned nine years old. Schoolgirl first visited a similar institution. They were accompanied by a close family friend.

      In late August, daughter Dana Borisova was nine years old. TV presenter decided it was time to introduce the successor to the nightlife of the capital. Judging by the pictures and videos that Borisov shared in the social network, the child went to a karaoke club with her.

      Daughter Dana Borisova celebrated a birthday without a father

      As admitted herself a journalist, Polina was going to sing a song “Orange sun”. But it didn’t come to that. Polina was too shy to sing, so her mom decided to speak on the club scene.

      The presenter apologized to followers for their vocal abilities and asked to treat with understanding to their own singing. I must admit that fans of the star praised her efforts and expressed his admiration to the address Given. In response to comments Borisov thanked everyone, confessing that he didn’t want to go on stage. She did it for his successor, which has not happened debut.

      “Well done! Very nice,” “Great, Danochka!”, “Very well,” said the subscribers.

      Judging by the posts This evening she liked, but the daughter was tired. The presenter noted that on the way home, Pauline fell asleep in the car.