Нумеролог: Анджелина Джоли устала терпеть деспотизм мужа Clara Kuzenbaeva “calculated” the cause of the high-profile divorce of the year. According to the expert, the marriage of Hollywood stars failed because of serious contradictions. Angelina was not easy to accept the fact that her seemingly perfect family is falling apart.

      Нумеролог: Анджелина Джоли устала терпеть деспотизм мужа

      The news that Angelina Jolie and brad pitt filed for divorce, shocked the world. First, the cause of the collapse of one of the most beautiful Hollywood couples, the tabloids have declared Marion Cotier – French actress and pitt allegedly began an affair on the set of the film “Allies” and celebrities will soon become parents. But the star of the film “Taxi” has denied the rumors, saying that expecting a child with her common law husband, actor Guillaume Canet. Later in the press began to discuss other details of the scandalous gap – it was about the disease, Jolie, and her jealousy, and the cruel treatment of Pitta with children, and much more. Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied date of birth 52-year-old brad and 41-year-old Jolie to figure out the true cause of rasstavaniya Hollywood couple and to make a forecast for their future.

      “Life code Angelina – 325246 says that she was born on the day of critical expertise,” says Clara. The actress is very subtle, sensitive and emotional. But despite the apparent confidence she has low self-esteem. The actress has psychic abilities, she opened a channel predictor – it will not disappoint. She is a very bossy woman who likes to make mountains out of molehills – that’s the house of the star couple had quarrelled frequently. Jolie is one of those people who always dissatisfied with everything. She is constantly unsatisfied, ever searching… It prevents her, as a woman, to be happy. Also her character is present obstinacy. All of the above suggests that under tremendous external data Angelina, marriage stars kept only on the patience of pitt. It’s program is ambitious and for the purpose will do anything. Brad is a fan of his work, always achieves the desired.

      Friend brad pitt: “there is no possibility to see the children”

      Analyzing the data of world celebrity numerologist also came to the conclusion that both husband and wife are simply tired of a showdown, from the constant claims of each other and conflicts that have arisen only because of different views on life.

      “The case came to the divorce for the following reason: every relationship is an exchange of energies,” explains Kuzenbaeva. – When a person is on the decline, is suffering from his mate. Today, this period and brad and Jolie are actors going through difficult times. Besides pitt just tired of being forever blame all the troubles of his wife to listen to complaints… Jolie is too pronounced line of the family. She fancies herself a perfect model to many children, a wonderful husband… And as soon as this pattern has been some negative – adolescence, the child’s misunderstanding of brad, Jolie was making mountains out of molehills. By the way, in fact, and pitt’s hard to call a good family man. For him self-actualization is in the first place, he is ready to step in and close, to achieve world recognition.”

      Day by day the star family has been, even more shocking news. Despite this, many still hoped that this period will end, and after a while, Jolie and pitt will be able to restore the relationship. However, according to Clara Kuzenbaeva, this will not happen.

      “Of course, soon the situation changes, the emotional background of the stars aligned, but, alas, the love in their relationship can not come back… besides, pitt – man categorically if he breaks relations has already been had never come back,” said the numerologist. – In terms of career, the celebrities will be fine. Jolie next year will begin the take-off period, there will be new projects, a major role. It is possible that in 2018 it may once again become a mother. Jolie will meet a man who will become her soulmate is going to happen in 44 years. But pitt band recession will last another two years.”