Брэд Питт знал, что его брак обречен
Personal psychic consultant of the actor predicted his divorce.

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie

Photo: Legion-media

According to the website Mirror, Ron Bard, psychic personal brad pitt, who is now divorced with his wife, warned the actor that his marriage
doomed, even in 2014, that is shortly after the wedding with Angelina Jolie. This was told
reporter site partner bard on his “business” — Hugh Shakeshaft. Hugh said that the actor is very
serious about his words and was just “killed” his forecast…

Bard, who died this year, was quite
a prominent figure in his world. His services have been used well-known businessmen and
even as claimed psychic, even police officers. According to bard, he helped
uncover more than a hundred serious crimes.

Pitt was entrusted to the predictions of Ron 100% and turned to him for advice
a variety of reasons, from issues relating to career — up issues that arose in his personal life. The actor began to use the services of your
the predictor for a very long time — the first time he went to bard in 2002.
the infallibility of the predictions Ron pitt believed that after the three years prior to
Dating with Angelina Jolie and the collapse of his marriage with aniston predict pitt will meet
on the set of the woman you love for her will leave her… Because that’s what
it happened: while working on “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” brad fell in love with
Angelina and for her sake, he divorced Jennifer.

By the way, brad generously pay for the services of his personal psychic. As
said at the time, Ron, his income for the year reached $ 1 million, and
a large part of this sum he received from pitt. It is interesting that,
says Hugh Shakeshaft, Angelina openly disliked the bard, as she
absolutely did not like the influence that had on pitt.