Буйнов заступился за Галкина перед коллегами The singer explained why in recent times the humorist rows with other celebrities on the Network. According to Alexander, max brand has not changed, he simply expresses a subjective opinion.

Violent and Galkin friends for several decades. The singer told reporters that despite the opinion of many that the comedian is going through a midlife crisis, he’s now perfectly happy in marriage with the Diva, loves children and a successful career.

“In fact, Maxim has the right to say what they believe is right. But this subject has passed me by. Not heard about the scandals. I’m not a partier – I resent gossip. Previously, long worked in teams because it’s not what a schemer! I’m not interested in who is sleeping with whom, and who Fucks whom. This is a private matter,” said Alexander.

Violent said that despite the conflicts on the Internet, communicating with friends Galkin has not changed. “I treat him with reverence and respect. He is a great dad. Honestly, just bastard from their relationship with Alla and children. In the beginning, when they were born, I thought I was in the castle for children will not be too comfortable. It seemed to me that they will have to develop antagonism or easy “zashugannost” due to the fact that the light a little. But nothing of the kind: the kids are so adapted there! They grow interesting and active! Pleasure to look at,” said Alexander.

The singer admitted that he has no plans to have more children. Buynovo enough grandchildren that he is proud of.

“Two girls and a guy. Sasha is studying at the Suvorov military school. Recently wrote a self-portrait. I wondered: did he? The daughter replied that he only helped a little professional artist. Well done! We have a daughter and a son have grandchildren – that’s enough. We got work to do,” he told violent.

Despite the fact that the singer is a popular actor, grandchildren he would not like to see in show business. According to Buynova, glory injure the weak psyche of the child. “Recently violated the Ordinance children. Can guys such a test, as the TV show? Great question! I wish parents were educated and properly brought up children. In any case, you cannot make such a promise: “now you will take part in the show, become a star, you’ll bring the grandmother, to earn, to when we get old, could help us!” This is wrong. I wish the younger generation had a childhood that they are smaller climbing gadgets. In my youth there was no Internet and social networks. All communication took place in person. Let’s talk now to live with computers not! I always say, “We adults go online for information but they live there!” – summed up the violent in an interview with “Interlocutor”.