Тимур Батрутдинов покидает Comedy Club из-за Ольги Бузовой The entertainer announced his choice. In the new issue of the comic project Garik Kharlamov publicly discussed with Batrutdinova his relationship with Olga Buzova. The TV presenter also joined the conversation of friends.
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Garik laughed that the star of “House-2” has cast a spell on his colleagues. According to the artist, very soon, Timur will shoot with Olga joint clips. Kharlamov calls the communication of colleagues from TNT degradation Batrutdinova.

“Well that doesn’t Bode well. I’m without a girl – don’t like “the Bachelor” chose the girl do not like. With Olga now – not like”, – said Timur.

According to his colleagues, if the comedian is married to Olga, his will be a fate. “Are you ready for the family with children you will sit? I would not trust Buzova sit with the children. You yourself are going to give birth, and she had a clip will be recorded at this time,” said Garik.

In the conversation of the residents of Comedy Club intervened Olga Buzova. The presenter came on stage and began to persuade Timur to leave the project.

“I came for you. They told you all jealous. Look at you, how handsome you are, how sexy you are, how smart you are. You’re the funniest of Comedy. Timur, come with me. Comedy no one is watching, everyone is watching my stories” – says Buzova.

Kharlamov remembered that Olga is behaving on the stage as well as on Calvary project “Dom-2”. The presenter protested. “Timur, he yells at me. My men needs me to stand,” said Buzova.

Kharlamov has suggested to a colleague to make a choice: either him or Olga. The TV presenter stripped down to a red swimsuit, which was in Thailand. Garik repeated her trick – it too was a red suit with zipper on the chest.

“Ol, just listen. I feel that I’m on the finale of “the Bachelor”. My vocation is the humor, so have fun, fun, fun – that’s all mine. I choose you,” at the end of said Timur, and fled with Olga backstage.