Лоза открыл новые подробности гибели супруга беременной племянницы Recently in the Moscow region the pack of stray dogs killed 18-year-old local resident. Oleg Sosunov died at the scene from injuries incompatible with life. The young man turned out to be a husband cousin Yuri Loza. Artist shocked by what happened.
Лоза открыл новые подробности гибели супруга беременной племянницы

Last weekend in Istra district of Moscow region there was a terrible tragedy. A pack of stray dogs attacked a 24-year-old Christine and 18-year-old Oleg. The young man died from fatal wounds, another victim was urgently hospitalized. As it turned out, Oleg was the husband of the niece of Yuri Vines. A relative of the artist will become a mother next month.

Chosen pregnant niece Yuri Loza killed the dog

First Vine reported that the husband of his niece was the hero drove away stray dogs from the girl with their lives. However, later it turned out that Oleg was not a Saviour Christine, and died in the same place a few hours later. This was told by Yury Loza. The actor admitted that he had provided incorrect data.

“Newly received information previously attacked a woman, though in intensive care, but needs to get out. Yes, dogs rescued her another man, Yes, not a relative of mine was a hero, but that does not change, because Oleg dog bitten in the same place in two hours, and that on his death drew attention to this problem, and now it is doing at all levels”, – shared the singer.
Лоза открыл новые подробности гибели супруга беременной племянницы

The actor said that according to regulations, stray animals, has committed the attack in the Moscow region, have to catch, chipped and to “let go, after spending with them the educational work.” The jury expressed outrage that approach. “It is believed that after this the dog will behave. This is not humor, so really want to do,” said the contractor.

The circumstances of the incident are found out by law enforcement officers. The discovery of the body with lacerations, characteristic bites, opened a criminal case under part 2 of article 293 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation (the negligence which has entailed death of the person). According to investigators, Oleg attacked by a pack of dogs when he was returning home from the train station. The young man died on the spot.

According to preliminary data, the same animals a few hours earlier bitten a local resident. “The woman managed to escape thanks to the man who came out of his house and a MOP drove the animals, and then brought the victim into the room and called “ambulance”, – reported in a press-service of the RF IC in the Moscow region.

To date, investigators interviewed local residents who confirmed that the village knew about the existence of aggressive animals and tried to avoid them.