Адвокат внебрачной дочери Бориса Химичева предоставил результаты ДНК-теста суду Janis Ucsa helps Daria Ganichevoy to establish a relationship. Ballet dancer, participated in several editions of “Let them talk”, collected all the necessary documents. As noted by a legal representative, that the girl claimed the inheritance, are not yet available.

Recently it became known that the ballerina Darya Ganicheva may be the daughter of actor Boris Khimichev. After the publication of the results of the DNA test revealed the probability of kinship is 98.5 %. Lawyer Ganichevoy Janis Ucsa sure that these studies will help them prove their point of view.

“The case in court broadcasts on television do not sew! We have a lot of fighting in court! We started working with Daria before the ether, she turned to me with a request to help her. Now we collect all the necessary evidence. And the program helped her financially. Daria was strapped for cash, she is a ballerina. Maybe readers don’t know what the salaries of the dancers, but believe me, it’s very little money! Channel paid for some studies, organized a meeting with relatives. All this can help us that the court recognized the legal fact — that is a fact established by the court, on the basis of which can be, for example, to obtain the certificate which will be entered father Boris Khimichev!” – said the legal representative.

According to Ucsi, DNA tests themselves are only one of the possible evidence. A family friend Himicheva, Antonina Savrasov-Abramov, suggested that the results of the study at all could be forged with Elena Dmitrieva, daughter of the fifth wife of the actor Galina Sizova. The lawyer has no doubt that Ganicheva is a blood child of the artist.

“She also, as he says, has the same view, and indeed very similar to it. Numerous witnesses, including Dasha’s mother, which, pardon me, knows the fact, who get pregnant, give us reason to believe that of course Dasha – the daughter of Boris Khimichev!” – says Janis.

Some guests transmission “Let them talk,” thought 28-year-old ballet dancer is fighting for the properties that remained from the star of popular Soviet films. “Donna does not claim to the inheritance. To my knowledge, she is not even interested in these issues. But what will happen tomorrow nobody knows. Therefore, it is pointless to discuss. It seems to me that Daria’s nerves are so exhausted that it this way so far, even to look at!” – shared Uksa with “Source”.