Viktor Sukhorukov was accused of alcoholism

Виктор Сухоруков ответил на обвинения в алкоголизме The actor spoke about his addiction habit. Viktor Sukhorukov admitted that for 17 years does not drink alcohol, but there are people who don’t believe him. He’s glad he managed to save himself.
Виктор Сухоруков ответил на обвинения в алкоголизме

For his career Viktor Sukhorukov played pretty much as the main roles and minor. However, some time ago his name was mentioned in a different context. Star of the TV series “the Teacher” does not deny that he once suffered from alcohol addiction. The man understood – this habit will seriously affect his health.

The artist was able to stop in time and realize that he must renounce alcoholic beverages. Victor is glad that their own overcome addiction, and now to it threatens nothing.

“Don’t drink the seventeenth year. You think I believe? No. There are people who say: “No, not true, lies, hiding, lying.” So in love, in sex, in creativity always questioning. What to do with it? Live. Don’t want to deal with it. I archically. Really Victor is the Winner” – says the artist.
Виктор Сухоруков ответил на обвинения в алкоголизме

Despite the fact that Sukhorukov managed to pull myself together and overcome the addiction, he was unable to establish privacy. In mid-November, the actor will be 66 years old, he no wife and children. The man said that loves to play with kids, but never wanted to be a father. He stressed that he wanted to start a family, but close was not the woman who could accept him for who he is. Viktor Sukhorukov was trying to feed a friend food for animals

Виктор Сухоруков ответил на обвинения в алкоголизме“I am self-sufficient. Nobody teach, educate, live with them. The closest people I love and trust. Children love is a miracle! And happy to play with them. But I have no instinct of procreation. And pain is probably not passed. Several times offered a woman to be my wife. One did not agree. Another did not understand that I’m not kidding. Another chased me into the complexes. And now I don’t want no family, no children. I’m afraid that’ll be a bad father, a bad husband, afraid to be inattentive,” admits the actor.
Виктор Сухоруков ответил на обвинения в алкоголизме

National love Viktor Sukhorukov received after the release of the film “Brother” by Sergei Bodrov. At that time the actor was 46 years old. The artist doesn’t mind that fame came to him in adulthood. In an interview with “TV” he remembered that quite later began acting in movies.

“Rushed to the cinema postnichenko, Starostenko deeply by accident. There were many roles that I picked up, shaking off dust. Someone refused and I was picked up. Nevertheless, a lot was able to catch. Before you sits a small, plyugavenky bald-headed man, but I have so many main roles! They got me even a little spoiled. What was not agree. The main role would be desirable. No? So, okay,” says Victor.