The widow of Dmitry Marjanova blames himself for the death of her husband

Вдова Дмитрия Марьянова винит себя в смерти мужа
Ksenia BIC could save a loved one.

Dmitry Maryanov and Xenia

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The more you receive information about the death of 47-year-old Dmire Maryanova, the more obvious becomes the fact that the actor could have been saved if not for the simultaneous coincidence of various circumstances. The lack of a doctor in a private clinic, where the artist has lived for the last five days of his life, an ambulance dispatcher, too long, and reluctantly took the call, the traffic police stopped the car and Marjanovi to check…

All of this took away precious minutes that could have saved the life of an actor. In the basic version, the reason for Dmitry’s death was thromboembolism. Due to problems with blood vessels, the actor was so-called “trap”, which was if anything to stop the come-off blood clot, but it is not “worked”.

Lyubov Tolkalina, a colleague and close friend of Dmitry said that all days of stay in the place the actor was in constant communication with his wife, Xenia BIK. Three days before the death of the Maryanov began to complain wife to sharp deterioration of health. On the day she died, according to Tolkalina were willing to come and pick up a loved one from the hospital for addiction. Dmitry wrote her a message, which eventually became the last. It was said that he “hurts the whole body”. Ksenia before leaving I called the clinic, but she was assured that “everything is under control”.

“She is very worried now because of this. Due to the fact that not listening to my intuition and listened to what she said, “all right.” She was told that she can relax that they have the equipment…” with tears in his eyes told me Love is in the air “the Stars aligned”.

She spent with the widow Maranova the first day after the terrible news. She says that Kseniya is now very vulnerable and sensitive about all the gossip circulating the media about her deceased husband. At the same time, to speak with the press BIC are simply not able to. Tolkalina admitted that members of the media for days on guard Xenia at the entrance to the apartment in hopes that she will find the strength for the interview.