Виктор Логинов развёлся с третьей с женой

The habit of divorce. Actor Viktor Loginov, star of TV series “Happy together”, has filed for divorce from his third wife Olga. Artist enjoys being alone and does not exclude that he would marry again, but later while he needed to be alone.

“For me, divorce is a painful story. I’m not ready to say that never getting married. No, I’m unlikely to remain a bachelor. But I am looking forward to take into account all the bugs and issues that were not resolved in previous stories. But the main and worst minus divorce is, of course, the loneliness”— shared his impressions Victor.
The feeling of loneliness logins saved in favorite work. In the program “Money. Sex. Sciatica, a leading which he is Victor for patients and for himself the relations of men and women.
His spare time the actor spends with his sons Ivan and Alexander, and she misses them, if a long time not see. Despite a failed personal life, Loginov sure that the family is the most important part in every person’s life.
“About myself I can say: I’m all for family values. The institution of family should be paramount. And this should be supported — with the help of movies or literature,” said Victor, and lamented that today many movies and books about “proud and independent”, the family exchanged for material goods, and this situation needs to change.
Recall that with his third wife, Victor has lived in marriage only five years, although together they were much longer. In 2006 was born the Alexander, and five years later – the youngest son of Ivan. Victor tries the maximum amount of time to spend with his sons, that they didn’t feel like they had been abandoned.
“The fact that Olga and I are not together doesn’t mean I have less time to devote to the children. My boys will always be the most important that I have in life” — said the actor.