Джиджи Хадид избила скандального украинского журналиста

The fashion show of the brand Max Mara, held at the fashion Week in Milan, ended with a scandal. American supermodel Gigi Hadid was spotted in a street brawl. Near the exit of the pavilion a man tried to grab Gigi by the waist, and even to raise it, but Hadid is only seemingly fragile and subtle girl. Beauty, daily engaged in Boxing, he hit the offender with his elbow and struck him several blows to the body.

Not ozhidav such resistance, Nahal chose to retire. Unfortunately, Gigi was unable to catch up and pass the guards. After it became known that the troublemaker is none other than notorious Ukrainian journalist Vitaly Serdyuk, known for such antics.
Before he was “famous” for, bothering Delirium pitt, Kam Kardashian, will Smith, angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio and others. Very excited that there was a man who stood up to this jerk.