Сын Мии Фэрроу погиб в возрасте 27 лет

The son of Hollywood actress MIA Farrow Tadeusz died suddenly at the age of 27 in a hospital in Connecticut. As the representative of the local police Department, the son of the 71-year-old celebrity received fatal injuries in an accident. The young man found bleeding on the roadside near the wrecked car. He was immediately taken to hospital, but unfortunately, spsti his doctors failed.

Tadeusz appeared in the family of MIA after her scandalous divorce with woody Allen. Then the actress a lot of time was devoted to charitable missions, and during one of his visits to India were seen in the shelter of the boy, moving on crutches. When you get sick with polio, he is permanently disabled. This, however, did not prevent him to become swollen education Thaddeus graduated from the police Academy.
I must say that over the children adopted Farrow, dominates some rock in 2000 from heart disease died nineteen-year-old foster daughter MIA Tam, in 2008 of complications from pneumonia died 35-year-old Lark, which the actress also adopted in Vietnam.
Currently, MIA has left seven children out of ten. In addition to foster, MIA has four biological children born in marriages with Andre Privina and woody Allen (the paternity of the latter, however, always questioned, hinting that his son Ronan – the fruit of forbidden love MIA and Frank Sinatra).