Вика Крутая резко сменила имидж The daughter of the famous composer’s experimenting with hair. Vika Cool showed off a new haircut. Fans approved changing the style of a young mother.

      Вика Крутая резко сменила имидж

      The daughter of famous composer Igor Krutoy Victoria in late November of last year for the first time became a mother. Her husband David named Berkovich she gave a charming little girl. After that her life changed dramatically, she began to focus on the education of daughters Demi rose. Despite the constant employment with a child, Vick doesn’t miss the opportunity to take care of yourself. The daughter of the famous composer decided to change the image and leave with a luxurious long hair. Vika Cool has tried a new haircut.

      The result of the experiment, a young mother shared with subscribers in social networks. The picture shows that now Vicky became hair just above her shoulders. Fans supported the change of image of the celebrity and noted that new hairstyle really suits her.

      I must say that Vika loves to surprise their fans. Not so long ago, she was struck by subscribers gorgeous figure. Despite the fact that just recently she became a mother, however, she was not ashamed to appear before the followers in a bikini. Steep showed appetizing forms and have received lots of flattering comments. In all likelihood, she is proud to be quickly able to get back into shape and may want their example to inspire other young mothers to look after themselves. It is also noteworthy that during the waiting of a child Vika did not allow myself to gain weight, and tried to adhere to proper nutrition and lead a healthy lifestyle.

      Interestingly, immediately after the birth of her daughter Vika Steep struck fans an incredible transformation – in just a few days a young mother had returned to her former shape. A few days later she was able to wear tight jeans that he wore before pregnancy. It is noteworthy that just a few days after birth, Vick appeared at a social event – a birthday party of her mom. Moreover, she was able to stand on heels, but fans began to worry about the health of Steep.

      Note that Victoria after the birth of the child sought to tell exactly how she is losing weight. Only a couple of months it was out for a run. Apparently, she began to play sports after doctors allowed physical exercise recently.

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