Prince William gave wife a reason to be jealous

Принц Уильям дал супруге повод для ревности
On a date with his former lover all around the world.

Принц Уильям дал супруге повод для ревности

Jessica Craig

It became known that planned
the trip of Prince William to Kenya under the pretext of charitable Affairs
was just a cover for Dating the future king of great Britain with the former beloved. According to the British newspaper “The Telegraph”, in
fact the husband of the Duchess of Cambridge went to Africa to attend
the wedding of Jessica Craig, which, according to Western media, was his first

Even before the fateful meeting with his future
wife — Kate Middleton, 19-year-old Prince William was in love with the daughter of the owner
Kenya’s Lewa reserve — Jessica. She is the British edition
credited with the status of “first lover” eldest son of Princess Diana. Young
the lovers spent a lot of time together and, according to rumors, even going secretly to get married. But after some time the fate of
lit Prince William and Jessica: a girl is left
learn in Africa, and the heir to the throne returned to the UK. Representatives
the Royal family then, however, denied the fact that
Craig and the young Prince tied a romantic relationship, but close friends
the pair claimed the opposite.

According to British media reports, Prince William
was not able to erase feelings for Jessica from his heart, and still
he uses every opportunity to meet a former lover. In
2008-m to year, for example, he even missed the wedding of his cousin, which was
scheduled for one day with the wedding of his brother Craig. Then, deciding that
to choose a Royal wedding or the opportunity to see Jessica, William,
without thinking about the consequences, chose the latter. Here and now the future king
Britain was unable to resist the temptation to see Gekko as
he affectionately called her — even for
her own wedding to Jonathon Baja…

Interestingly, in the Lewa reserve,
the owners of which is the family of the Craigs, William did in 2010-m to year
offer Kate Midleton. Just here and will be and Jessica’s wedding, for which Prince
escaped from his wife the Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Photo: PA Photos/TASS

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