The wife of Justin Timberlake has commented on the rumors about her pregnancy

Супруга Джастина Тимберлейка  прокомментировала слухи о своей беременности
The rounded waist of the actress attracted the attention of reporters.

Супруга Джастина Тимберлейка  прокомментировала слухи о своей беременности

Jessica Biel

paparazzi has made a lot of shots where the figure is usually slim and toned
spouse Justin Timberlake looks far from perfect. She clearly
visible bulging tummy, he gave reporters to talk about that actress
pregnant with her second child. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that Ellen
DeGeneres, who invited her on his television show, asked, if not expected
the family of Jessica Beal replenishment.

At first
Jessica looked awfully embarrassed, but then pulled himself together and replied with
laughter: “Oh my God, what a nightmare! Is it really that noticeable? And I thought my
yoga classes have already produced excellent results!” Actually, as explained
actress, she just gained a bit of weight. She’s almost always busy in some work
then her baby Silas. So going to the gym is not much time

But her little
son is very pleased with Jessica. According to the actress, he apparently inherited ability
his father, Justin. “He just loves music. Silas is the hottest fan
dad’s music. When we go in the car, he always asks, so I included it
songs!” — said Beal. However, as
Jessica believes, this is not surprising. After all, when she was
pregnant, she always went to the performances of the husband, so being in her
the abdomen, he listened to at least 20 concerts Timberlake.

In addition,
added the actress, little Silas was an excellent hearing. He valcheva
can sing any of their favorite tunes. Silas is already trying to play
piano and recently presented to him drum. But he’s only one year! So
what Jessica thinks their son is a musical Prodigy. As for
plans for the further expansion of the family, then this, as explained by the actress,
they and Justin decided to wait a little while.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake


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