VIDEO: Zara received an honorary award

ВИДЕО: Зара получила почетную награду
The singer was awarded the honorary title of “UNESCO Artist for peace”.

Honored artist of Russia, singer
Zara was awarded the honorary title of “UNESCO Artist for peace”.
The ceremony was held on 5 December at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris.

The title the artist was awarded in recognition of her commitment
the education of children and adults with disabilities, and to the ideals and
the goals of the organization.

Zara with his sons Daniel and Maxim, Mireille Mathieu

Photo: Press service

“I heartily thank
General Director of the Organization Irina Bokova for the high appreciation of my
activities — shared with singer. I got it
songs in different languages and perform in many countries around the world, and sure it
music can bring people together, erasing the barriers between the generations and
nationalities. As “Artist of the World UNESCO” I will make every effort
to draw global attention to the activities of the Organization and
will use my most to the formation of
of ideas of peace in the minds of people,” — said in his speech, the singer.

At a gala evening in the performance of Zerah sounded
songs in different languages. Among them was the Russian romance “And finally I
I say” original version “That was recently” with three
French choruses, the waltz from film “My tender and gentle
beast”, as well as Armenian folk song “Dle Yaman”. Singer
congratulated Mireille Mathieu and other prominent figures of French culture,
participating in the ceremony. The ceremony was attended by the most expensive for her people, her sons four-year and six-year-old Maxim Daniel.