Анджелина Джоли дала понять Питту, что не пойдет на компромисс
Hope brad can get custody of the children fading away.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

Recently Angelina Jolie has taken a step that,
according to experts, suggests that it has a strong position.
Jolie achieved that agreement that she was able to force
Brad pitt was recognized as a legal court document. This was reported by the website tmz.com.

Reporter site managed to get a copy
the document, now approved and signed by the judge. Compared to
the original agreement, it contains not too many new points. However
now the situation is different: if the former arrangement was temporary and
voluntary, now pitt must comply with all conditions outlined in the document.

According to the approved by the court agreement
custody of six children of the couple, as before, solely belongs to Jolie. What
as for pitt’s rights to visit, it was made one clarification. Resolution
at a meeting with children it needs to request from the approved
now court specialist doctor psychologist Ian Russ, which will certainly
to be present at each date. Moreover, Russ has the right to refuse brad so
long as I see fit.

In addition, the new document specified that
Pitt must continue to be tested for content in his blood drug
substances or alcohol at least 4 times per month. Moreover, he will not be informed in advance
date of examinations: the tests can request all of a sudden, that is, at any
day. While it is not clear why it is in the agreement approved by court
needed to make this item. Because directly after the September incident
in the plane the family was returning from France, brad voluntarily surrendered all
tests. And their results showed that in the day when pitt had a fight with her
15-year-old adopted son Maddox,
his body had no traces of unwanted substances.

However, although the actions of Angelina a
regarded as a new demonstration of the reluctance of the actress to go on any
compromise with brad pitt despair is too early. After signed by the judge
the document is not the final solution. Will brad end
account, the right to joint custody of the children as he wants, it will become clear
only after his divorce. So the whole battle is still ahead
and the outcome of it in advance it is impossible to guess.