VIDEO: Yegor Konchalovsky celebrated the birthday of the son

ВИДЕО: Егор Кончаловский отпраздновал день рождения сына
The Director told about the joyous event in my life.


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ВИДЕО: Егор Кончаловский отпраздновал день рождения сына

Timur is a small birthday! #Gorkovsky #осень2017

Since then, as
Yegor Konchalovsky became a father for the second time, he does not tire of talking about your
the son of Timur. Today, the Director shared a joyous event — the heir
Konchalovsky celebrates a mini – birthday — baby turned six months.

“I am very happy
my wonderful daughter Masha has a younger brother, which she can
take care”, — said Yegor. By the way, Maria Mikhalkov is not only
sister of Timur, but also his godmother. The rite of baptism Timur was when
he was four months. “We have a huge
the occasion. Today we baptized the son of Timur and Masha’s godmother. So
now our Timur (Orthodoxy George) — a true Christian!” —
commented Konchalovsky.

By the way, despite the birth of a son, Konchalovsky
doesn’t want to be in a hurry to marry his mother, Maria Leonova, although not exclude,
that perhaps in the future will make her an offer. “For me she’s young. We’ve been together a few months. We now have a bouquet period, candy I
myself eat. By name, a daughter, Masha. Met in court, she protected me.
In part, and therefore announced the breakup. Don’t know if I want to do
offer, time will tell!” — says Yegor.