Daughter Kutsenko and Poroshina turned into a real beauty

Дочь Куценко и Порошиной превратилась в настоящую красавицу
21-year-old Polina Kutsenko made his debut in the play “Love spell”.

Photo: Instagram

Polina Kutsenko childhood revolved in the actor’s environment, which is not surprising with parents like that. Up to 11 years old girl, never filmed, and mom and dad — Maria Poroshina and Gosha Kutsenko. Everything was decided by Director Vera Storozheva, when typed actors for the film “Compensation”. She noticed a girl, very similar to the response, and asked the actor: “Your daughter? Drive, I want to try!”

So gosh and Pauline was on a film set. Kutsenko said that were very worried for her daughter. It seemed to him that she can’t handle. Joint stage they only had one, so your child working on the response was able to evaluate only on the big screen. After watching the film, the actor realized that Pauline will follow in his footsteps.

“She’s so talented like her mother!” — Kutsenko told reporters.

As already mentioned, Polina — copy of his father. Not the most flattering feature for a young actress, though, and with such a famous name. But the girl was lucky, on the way she came across people who did not take into account her name and, especially, appearance. She entered the Theatrical Institute named after Boris Shchukin, graduating in 2017. The girl starred in several films and now “stormed” the stage.

With your favorite artists!!! ?????With the Premiere of my daughter so much! In a Good way))) ? Love YOU all – MUCH…… HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

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Last weekend took place the premiere of performance “Love spell”, where the young actress played with the stars of the sitcom “6 shots”.

The success of Pauline on the scene said an old friend of her parents and the talented actress Galina Danilova.

“Once I played with a wonderful person and a wonderful actress Mary Poroshina, she said. — Time goes on. Today my partner, her eldest daughter Polina Kutsenko. Sweet, wonderful, lively, talented!!! Kids grow!”

For the role in this performance Pauline had to make a very bright makeup. And it’s so much recently, that the audience just gasped. Once again, it became clear that the lack of bright appearance for the actress is a huge plus. Once it became clear that in fact Polina Kutsenko is a real beauty. And, by the way, it is not clear who she looks like more to daddy or mommy.