VIDEO: Tom cruise miraculously survived, having made the fatal jump

ВИДЕО: Том Круз чудом остался жив, совершив смертельный прыжок
The actor almost crashed doing the next trick during the filming.

Tom Cruise


A desperate Tom cruise was on the edge of destruction in the literal sense of the word. During the next day’s shooting the sixth film in the franchise “Mission impossible” actor, known for his stubborn desire to independently perform the most difficult stunts, miraculously not crashed. He jumped from the scaffolding onto the roof of a neighboring house and a little not having reached, he hit his head hard on the edge of the wall. The rescue team waiting for Tom on the roof, immediately helped him up and led limping daredevil.

As it turned out later, Cruz made the jump for the second time. And immediately after the first attempt also ended in failure. He fell hard, but insisted that I repeat the trick without the aid of a stuntman. What the injury was, the actor still unknown. But during the filming he has repeatedly demonstrated miracles of courage and risking their lives have made and jumping with parachute and flew on a military helicopter, in other words, carried out difficult tricks which usually the trust only to professional stuntmen. But 53-year-old Cruz is his own man. His condition — to perform in his movies, the stunts himself. And put up with it not only the Studio, but also insurance companies. Such is the enduring power of this star in the Hollywood world.

Still, Tom cruise dominates over the female hearts. Recently Nicole Kidman, his ex-wife again admitted that he still can’t forget Tom. And now the actor had an affair with a girl younger than him by 20 years.