Alexander Gradsky came on the show “the Voice” with a broken leg

Александр Градский пришел на шоу «Голос» со сломанной ногой
The coach of the wheelchair.

Alexander Gradsky


Today we started shooting the blind auditions of the popular
show “the Voice” on channel one. On the set of “Mosfilm”
team of mentors listening to potential participants of their teams. However, not
only it was the reason from chairs mentors look. And
not even the fact that in them is gold membership, the fact that one of the “strong”
teachers — Alexander Gradsky came to recording the program in a wheelchair. As
it turned out, the day before filming Maestro broke his leg. However, he felt that
not a reason to refuse to participate in the “blind auditions”. The singer reasoned that
a broken leg will not prevent shooting.

We will remind, today it became known that the leadership of the First
channel listened to the requests of viewers. As it turned out,
a signature red chair will be back
the “gold” part of the program. It includes Dima Bilan, Pelageya, Leonid Agutin and Alexander
Gradsky. Rumors
that “Voice” will return the original line-up went back in the spring, but
no direct evidence for these assumptions was not received.

It is most difficult to begin shooting was wringing, because it to
recently had a baby and did not give much hope for a quick return to
work. The last season of “the Voice” singer missed
due to her pregnancy. In January of this year she first became a mother.
Pelagia gave birth to hockey player Ivan Telegin daughter Taisiya. Since then, she took a small
time out in a career that ended only recently.