VIDEO: the Creators of “Cuisine” prepared a new surprise

ВИДЕО: Создатели «Кухни» приготовили новый сюрприз
Premiere of the new film in the popular franchise is scheduled for spring of next year.

ВИДЕО: Создатели «Кухни» приготовили новый сюрприз

Dmitriy Nagiev

Photo: Press service

The producers and actors of the most acclaimed series of recent years “Kitchen”
can not leave each other. Ahead of a new large-scale project “Kitchen.
The Last Battle”. Premiere of the feature film is scheduled for spring 2017. This Studio Yellow, Black and white finishes
the history of the project.

“Will I miss the “Kitchen”? Of course, I will. Always
I want to return to where it was good — shared the role of chief
Barinov Dmitry Nazarov. — 5 years of working together we became not just
team and supporters, the soul cares for the cause. But now
to be sad once, the shooting is still ongoing, and the most interesting part — premiere
the final chord of “Kitchen” in all theaters of the country.”

The plot of the new “Kitchen” Victor Barinov’s personal request
The President of Russia will go to Sochi for world championship
professional chefs and to prove that he and his team are the best in the world! In
the hard struggle for the title of winner of the Boss will help “dark horse” — his
native son Ivan, he suddenly found out on the eve of the championship.

The film will play the actors perform favorite characters
franchise: Dmitry Nazarov, Dmitry Nagiev, Sergey Lavygin, Mikhail Tarabukin, Sergey
Epishev, Nikita Tarasov, Mikhail Bashkatov, Marina Mogilevskaya, Valery Fedorovich,
joined by new characters played by Anfisa Chernykh and Kirill
Kovbasa and Oleg Tabakov.

On the big screens the last time return of the star
acting Duo Chef Barinova in the performance of Dmitry Nazarov and Dmitry sparkling
Nagiyev in the role of restaurant owner.

The film’s “Kitchen. The last stand” was directed
the fifth and sixth season of the show Anton Fedotov .

The film takes place in Moscow and Sochi. In the capital shoot
complex, from a technical point of view, scenes of the film, and on the Black sea and
the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana romantic and comedic storyline. The atmosphere
the seaside resort enhances passion, boiling in the kitchen and in the personal lives of the characters

In December in Moscow will be shooting a key scene of the film –
The world championship for chefs. Specially built for the filming of the grandiose decorations
not inferior to the standards of the world cooking show: hall with really
existing kitchens for ten of the participating teams, the stage and auditorium.

In the final story, gathered at the screens of millions of viewers
and moviegoers, the creators of the film “Kitchen. The last battle” will reveal the secrets of the past
the main characters, the secrets of Haute cuisine and romantic relationships.

Dmitry Nazarov

Photo: Press service