The wife of Alec Baldwin saved his life

Жена Алека Болдуина спасла его жизнь
Hilaria Baldwin told what danger escaped her husband.

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin with kids


32-year-old wife and 58-year-old actor Alec Baldwin — Hilaria — told how she managed
to change the life and habits of her husband. Is solely due to her efforts
Alec was able to avoid a serious disease which greatly marred his
existence. She spoke about it in his interview with

“When we first started Dating is
it was in 2011-m — health Alec was extremely plachenov condition, and he even
not aware of this report. He had quite a lot of extra pounds,
but it was not the main issue. His body no longer properly absorb
sugar and it was literally one step away from diabetes. But of course he wouldn’t know about
this, if I took him by the hand and took him to the doctor. Prior to this we lots
talked about the fact that he leads an irregular life, but he did not pay my
tips special attention. And only after seeing the test results, he was afraid!” —
told Hilaria, which at the time of meeting with Baldwin was an instructor in

“For many years he abused his body. Eating
all that he pleases, often dined late in the evening and constantly overeat. It
was consumed in unimaginable quantities pastry, pasta, sugary drinks,
burgers, chips and the like. From the moment I started to follow
food, he had to change a lot — to give up all food with high
carb. And some time later the level of sugar in his blood
normalized!” — said Mrs. Baldwin. Alec dropped almost 10 pounds
started yoga and now feels fine.

But do not think that all of this was given to him
easy. Baldwin admitted that his tocoal for an ice-cream, it even
he dreamed at night… But now he’s fine. Hilaria where he
married in the summer of 2012 at the time of their marriage gave him three lovely children — daughter Carmen, and sons Raphael and Leonardo, which the couple together bring together.