ВИДЕО: Сергей Шнуров сделал ставку на звезду «Голоса»
The artist showed fans one of the new soloists of the “Leningrad”, he especially appreciates.

The soloist of group “Leningrad”

Sergei Shnurov, after separating in August last year
another soloist — Vasilisa Stasovoi, approached the issue of participation of singers in
your team more thoroughly. Rock musician decided to take just that
called, and the quantity and quality. Now “Leningrad” four
singer. To Florida Chanturia, who came in “Leningrad” at the same time
Vasilisa, is joined by Maria Olkhov, Anna Zolotova and Viktoria Kuzmina. Latest Sergey stands out among the rest and for good reason.

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The thing
the fact that Victoria is the star of the show “the Voice” and the soloist of the duet “Sugarmamas”, which was formed
thanks to the super-popular television project, and its soloist, quickly became
welcome any fashionable capital party. Before showing
subscribers microblog personal new rehearsal base, Sergei asked
to fulfill the well-known West Heath that is viz. Previously, Victoria worked
in a jazz style.

It turned out and the fate of Sugarmamas. If
note that the second soloist of the duet Angelica Frolova twice participated in “the Voice”,
and now performs solo, apparently, their way with Victoria went. But
fans of Leningrad happy. “Victoria is on fire. Super vocals!” —
they say.