ВИДЕО: Сергей Безруков сделал детям уникальный подарок
The actor and Director told, what books he recommends to kids.

ВИДЕО: Сергей Безруков сделал детям уникальный подарок

Sergey Bezrukov

Photo: Ksenia Ugolnikova

Published audiobook of Viktor Dragunsky
“Deniska’s stories” in reading Sergey
Bezrukov. Audiobook created in the framework of support for people with disabilities
view “Special view” of the charity Foundation Alisher Usmanov “Art,
science and sport”, a project implemented in cooperation with the film company Sergei Bezrukov

The audio format of books is a wonderful opportunity for
visually impaired and blind children to hear good cautionary story, read
loved by millions of Russians as an artist.

Sergey Bezrukov

stories” of Victor Dragunsky, dedicated to the life of a schoolboy Denis
Korableva, have become classics of Soviet and Russian literature.
The prototype of the hero of the stories became the writer’s son Denis, and one of the
the stories referred to the birth of younger sister of Denis Xenia.

“Deniska’s stories” of Victor Dragunsky is familiar with
childhood, I they were read, — said Sergey Bezrukov. And now with more
love to read and write them. It seems that the stories about the Soviet
time, but they are outdated! They are real, child-friendly philosophy,
without edification, morals. These children’s stories when using
the boy Denis, his perception of the world, we begin to understand many things about this
life. Via Denis we understand about true friendship, about love, about happiness. Even
school pranks are featured in these stories: you remember that too
went through all of that. Don’t know how it will be perceived by a new generation,
but I think it’s the stories that will never get old, will remain “alive”
forever: they invested so much soul
love. Therefore I with great pleasure read them, and I want them to
heard the new generation of children. Their children, of course, be sure to recommend
to read”.