VIDEO: Natalia Podolskaya noisy celebrated 35th anniversary

ВИДЕО: Наталья Подольская шумно отметила 35-летие
The singer and her twin sister surprised the same outfits.

ВИДЕО: Наталья Подольская шумно отметила 35-летие

Natalia and Yuliana Podolskaya

Photo: @nataliapodolskaya (Instagram Natalia Podolsky)

Inna Malikova, Natalia Podolskaya, Yulianna Karaulova, Julian Podolski and Zhenya Malakhova

Photo: @Instagram innamalikova Inna Malikova

On the eve of Natalya Podolskaya and her twin sister Juliana said birthday. Noisy party in honor of the birthday girls was held in a trendy fish restaurant the capital. The singer and her beloved sister surprised the guests of the festival a selection of outfits: the girls appeared before the assembled audience in almost identical red dresses, and demonstrated a slim figure.

Among the invitees to the feast were only the closest friends and relatives. Congratulate Natalia came: Zhenya Malakhova, Yulianna Karaulova, Elena Temnikova and others. But the little son of Natalia and Vladimir Presnyakov Artem left to wait for mom at home, as to these “festivals” is not yet Mature enough.

Guests of the gala event were treated to delicious seafood. And for dessert, the hall made a huge cake, made in soft pastel colours. For entertainment on the occasion said the group “New gems” led by Inna Malikova, a good friend of Natalia.

At the end of the evening happy Podolsky heartily thanked all involved in the organization of the party. “Our dear, beloved family and friends! Thank You for a wonderful memorable evening! Thank you for the gifts! And most importantly Thank you for being with us!” — wrote Natalia.