Have gained weight or pregnant? Wife of Ivan Urganta hides the changed figure

Поправилась или беременна? Жена Ивана Урганта прячет изменившуюся фигуру
The broadcaster made a rare appearance in public with his wife.

Ivan Urgant and Natalya Kiknadze


Not so long ago in the Network appeared rumors that the wife of Ivan Urganta Natalia Kiknadze is in “interesting position”. Assumptions about pregnancy of the wife of the TV presenter appeared because of the changes in her figure. At one of the events about a month ago, Natalia showed a slightly rounded belly and since then, fans of the stars are closely watching a rare pair of outputs in the light.

However, to understand whether Kiknadze will give Ivan another baby is not yet possible. Leading, as we know, are reluctant to comment on the personal life. And Natalie is now published exclusively in loose outfits that hide her figure. The Urgant with his wife attended the premiere of multimedia musical performance of “the Devil, the soldier and the violin”, where Natalia came in the airy blouse and draped over the shoulders of the jacket, without which obviously you can do indoors.

We will remind that Natalia and Ivan are raising together three children: Eric, a child from his first marriage Kiknadze, as well as two General daughters — Nina and Valery.